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According to PSPFanBoy

I'm afraid as our current PSP-2000 will become PSP-Dim, when after new PSP-3000 will be launch.

Come on, go and read from PSPFanBoy

PSP-3000 screen is berry colorful

Famitsu posted some comparison shots of the new PSP-3000 and the older PSP-2000 series, and this is easily the most interesting one to note. Here, you see how much better images off the new screen hold up in comparison to the old one. Looks like we're going to have to change our PSP nicknaming system:
  • PSP-1000: PSP Phat
  • PSP-2000: PSP Lite PSP Dim
  • PSP-3000: PSP Brite?
Help us brainstorm here, folks.




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