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Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil.

from wiki: Cuil (pronounced [ku?l], "cool") is a search engine that organizes web pages by content and displays relatively long entries along with thumbnail pictures for many results. It claims to have a larger index than any other search engine, with about 120 billion web pages. It went live on July 28, 2008.

Unlike other search engines Cuil's privacy policy states that it does not store records of users’ search activity or IP addresses.

Cuil is managed and developed largely by former employees of Google: Anna Patterson, Russell Power and Louis Monier. The CEO and co-founder, Tom Costello, has worked for IBM and others. The company raised $33 million from venture capital firms including Greylock.

for IMO: I like its front page color Black and Blue. But i think alittle bit slow than Google.
But in the search result, I think it's column style result.

Welcome Cuil to our surf searching life.




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